Test method for quality inspection of shipping cartons

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Test method for quality inspection of shipping cartons

  • Mar 16, 2020
1) Vibration test

After placing the carton packaged goods on a vibration table, it will be subject to horizontal and vertical vibration, or at the same time subject to two-way vibration.After a certain period of time, check the condition of the product or the time elapsed when the carton of the product is damaged.

2) Hexagon drum rotation test
carton box
Put the carton box in a hexagonal drum with an impact plate, rotate it at the specified number of revolutions, and then check the damage of the goods and the carton. The above dynamic experiments are destructive, and the anti-damage ability of the carton and goods is in the packaging Use cushion pads, partitions, or other protective measures when you sell your products. In addition, some packaging cartons need to be sprayed, weathered, and other experiments, which can be agreed according to the contract between the two parties.

3) Bevel impact test

Rotate the carton on the trolley, then slide it off the slope at a certain height, and finally hit the baffle. It is similar to the emergency braking situation during transportation.

4) Drop test

The carton after packaging the goods is dropped from the prescribed height according to different attitudes. After a certain number of inspections, the number of times the carton is complete or the carton is damaged when it is damaged.

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