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  • Custom Premium facial mask gift box
    Custom Premium facial mask gift box
    • Jul 27 ,2020

    In recent years, the cosmetics market has become more and more mature and has been developing steadily. As the main force in the development of cosmetics, facial masks have been sought after by many female consumers. There are many facial mask products on the market. In addition to the types and effects, the packaging boxes of the facial masks are also changing. Therefore, the famous gift box packaging is an integral part of the product.  As a commodity, facial mask has two attributes: use value and value. However, commodities in modern society generally require the participation of packaging to enhance the potential value of commodities. Facial mask is a product that combines with exquisite packaging box to have market competitiveness. If a product produced by a facial mask manufacturer enters the market without packaging, according to the results of previous market surveys, the sales of this product will not be very good. So: good product marketing plan = good product + exquisite packaging.    When the facial mask product flows from the production site to the consumer field, there are not only loading and unloading, transportation, storage and other links. The exquisite facial mask packaging gift box can not only serve as countless salespersons, but also protect the facial mask product from external conditions. The mask gift box should be reliable, applicable, beautiful and economical!

  •  What do Printing fee contain
    What do Printing fee contain
    • Jul 13 ,2020

    1. Design fee: There are single-piece calculation method and multi-piece calculation method for calculating design time. The paper box generally uses the single-piece calculation method. 2. The pre-press cost includes image scanning, imposition, film production, proofing, etc.: scanning is based on the size of the image information (mega), and the imposition is charged according to the size of the format (off, four, etc.); proofing is based on the size and color number toll. Customers bringing their own CDs or films, etc., shall deduct the cost of the corresponding items. 3. Material cost: As far as printed products are concerned, material cost accounts for a large proportion of the entire printing cost, so precisely controlling the amount of material used is the best way to control printing costs. The material cost in the printing process mainly refers to the printing fee, printing material fee, and anodized aluminum fee, etc., and the material fee is the product of the amount of material used and the unit price. Therefore, the calculation formula of the amount of material must be mastered in the collection of the material fee. Different printing plates have different pricing methods. PS plates are priced in sheets. Hot plates, flexible plates, etc. are priced by area. 4. Printing fee (ie printing processing fee): different types and grades of printing equipment, different printing plants or printing processes have different printing fee standards, and color printing is generally priced according to the color order. When the printing volume is small, it is calculated according to the start-up fee (ie the starting price). 5. Post-press processing fee: There are many post-press processing techniques, but the calculation method is mainly calculated by the number of processed pieces or processing area; glazing, laminating, hot stamping, etc. are calculated by processing area. 6. Other expenses: such as packing fee, transportation fee, expedited fee, etc. This part of the fee is generally determined by the two parties through negotiation and has greater flexibility. 7. Taxes: Taxes payable in accordance with relevant national tax laws.

  • What is Printing Flocking?
    What is Printing Flocking?
    • Jul 6 ,2020

    The physical effect of static electricity production must be known to everyone. Especially du is not winter, you can't feel the magic of static electricity. Flocky is the meaning of sticking fleece dao, using static electricity to 0.2mm1. Short fibers of about 5mm are planted on the fabric or paper to obtain a three-dimensional print. The production method is to print the ordinary pattern by offset printing first, then use screen printing to print the paste on the part to be flocking, apply a negative charge, and sprinkle rayon on the positively charged polar plate, Short fibers or dust made of nylon, wool or gold and silver powder, because the distance between the positive and negative electrodes is very short, the principle of electrostatic attraction between the positive and negative electrodes is used to make the fibers adsorb to the pattern with the paste and stand upright . Flocking packaging is highly popular in the packaging market.Especially it is used for jewelry boxes, perfume boxes,cosmetic paper box and other packaging. It makes the packaging more luxurious . At Top&Top has already served countless customers with flocking packaging needs.So we have enough technology and strength to make perfect art work for your packaging box.

  • The reason why the gift box fades color?
    The reason why the gift box fades color?
    • Jul 1 ,2020

    For paper gift boxes, many people have questions, why is the color of the gift box changed over time? In fact, there are two reasons for the color change on the surface of the gift box: oxidation reaction and air temperature.       Oxidation reaction: The composition of printing ink, there are many drying agents, antioxidants and other additives in the ink, which will not be oxidized after drying. Ink is a homogeneous mixture consisting of colored bodies (such as pigments, dyes, etc.), binders, fillers (fillers), additional materials, etc.; can be printed and dried on the body to be printed; it is colored and has a certain flow Degree of paste adhesive. Therefore, color (hue), body bone (thickness, fluidity and other rheological properties) and drying performance are the three most important properties of ink. There are many types and different physical properties, some are thick and sticky; some are quite rare. Some use vegetable oil as the linking material; some use resin and solvent or water as the linking material. These are determined according to the object to be printed, namely the substrate, printing method, type of printing plate material and drying method. Therefore, the printed part of the surface of the gift box will change color after a long time, one of the reasons is that the printing ink has not reached the standard. So if you want to get the perfect paper packaging for your products,Please feel free to contact with us,we design the paper packaging and offer a good solution for you

  • What is the Die Cutting and Creasing Process
    What is the Die Cutting and Creasing Process
    • Jun 24 ,2020

    According to the design requirements, the specific paper and materials are processed on a machine equipped with a steel knife template, and the paper or material is punched into the required shape and exhibits special effects in form. This process technology is called die cutting. The specific paper and materials are processed on a machine equipped with a steel wire template according to the design requirements. The surface of the paper or material is printed with deep or light steel wire marks under the pressure, and then folded by hand or machine. And the material is very easy to bend and form a certain form of structure or shape, this process technology is called indentation. Generally, the die-cutting and creasing process is a process of combining die-cutting knives and crimping knives in the same stencil, and performing die-cutting and creasing on the die-cutting machine at the same time. In daily production, it is usually referred to as die cutting or stamping. It can be operated as a separate process or two processes can be combined into one process on the same machine. The die-cutting plate is equipped with both steel knives and steel wires without conflict. The die-cutting and creasing process has changed the single linear or flat form of the printed matter, and let all kinds of printing and packaging be presented in three-dimensional and curved lines. The various shapes and shapes created are more beautiful and refined, and are full of creative wisdom. product. In the field of paper printed products, die-cutting and creasing processes are widely used, such as common packaging cartons, special-shaped tags, hollow labels, folding DM advertising sheets, sticker printing, leather products, etc., all need to use molds in post-press processing Cutting process. Common three-dimensional packaging boxes such as rectangular parallelepiped, cube, cone, polygon structure. Flat works of different shapes such as circles, ellipses, plum blossoms, polygons, etc., and other special creative graphics that appear in book catalogs combined with a page design.

    • Jun 15 ,2020

    For the cosmetics industry, it is necessary to design packaging boxes that visually appeal to consumers. The fashion trends of cosmetics change with the seasons, as do gift boxes in the cosmetics industry. The most effective cosmetic packaging trends rarely stay the same for a long time. Cosmetic packaging boxes give brands an opportunity to innovate, because cosmetics provide a way for people to express themselves. There may be a variety of cosmetic packaging boxes, but it is important not to keep your brand following the trend. It needs to constantly develop and push the limits. Consider these points before customizing cosmetics to make your products more popular with consumers: 1. Printing Bold prints will be very popular this year, especially with a special texture. This makes the makeup packaging itself more attractive. Visual design can be used to convey a certain feeling. For example, French-inspired brands can add French-specific international elements. For products with a variety of shades, full-page printed cosmetic packaging can enable customers to better understand the products they purchase. 2. Craft Adding some additional packaging technology to the cosmetic packaging box can make consumers have a powerful shock whether visually or tactilely. Laminating, embossing, embossing, and bronzing can make the cosmetic packaging displayed on the shelves more attractive. With so many brands and products in the cosmetics field, it is vital to differentiate products. 3. Interior space design Many makeup lovers like to try new things, which is why some brands distribute samples every time they order, especially when customers buy online. In many cases, these samples are only provided with the product, but a more creative way of handling the samples is to include them directly in cosmetic packaging. Embedding samples can not only increase the creativity of cosmetic packaging, but also make customers feel very happy, and will continue to repurchase more products. Cosmetic packaging needn't have a standard rectangular shape. Many top beauty brands have unique packaging designs because it sticks out from other products on the shelves, so it is more attractive to the audience. Whether cosmetics are popular with consumers often depends on their first impressions of brands, products, and packaging, especially when building brand awareness with consumers, customers, and customers. When customizing cosmetics packaging boxes, we need to consider the customer's vision, touch, and the sense of pleasure generated by the product, so as to customize the more popular packaging boxes for consumers.

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