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  • Cosmetics Packaging
    Cosmetics Packaging
    • Mar 23 ,2020

    Consumers have different focus points for different products. For example, for beauty products, consumers' physical needs are concerned with products that can solve a certain skin problem, and psychological needs are concerned with visual beauty, so they must be integrated in paper packaging. The "beauty" element creates a beautiful dream for consumers. The same product has different core interests on different occasions. For example, it is also cosmetics. When consumers use it, they are more concerned about the benefits and effectiveness. The packaging must have the characteristics of real prices, while in paper gift boxes, consumers are more concerned about "face ", So the packaging specifications should be atmospheric and the printing must be exquisite Consumers' attention to a product is generally from an unintentional state to an intentional state. If consumers can be noticed in a large number of products and have a good feeling, the opportunity for consumers to buy will be much greater, creating a differentiated Feelings have always been the dream outcome of companies and brands. For example, the skin brightening liquid creates gradient graphic elements on the packaging, and the color uses technical silver to give people a delicate, pure, high-end feel. At the same time, it is unique in cosmetics packaging based on pure base colors, which is easy to be used in A lot of competing products "jumped out". Packaging will leave a deep memory point. This point can be deeply branded in consumers' minds and will not disappear easily. These are powerful means for products to distinguish them from other brands, so that consumers can quickly generate memories and benefit Generate continuous purchases. To allow consumers to dispel doubts and build trust in the product, the product packaging often has a silent effect. One strategy is to let consumers see through, use transparent packaging materials or shoot real objects to let consumers see what is inside the product, rest assured to consume boldly, and another strategy is to indicate on the packaging or authoritative scientific research institutions The quality insurance is undertaken by a certain insurance company, followed by the production date, the expiration date, etc., of course, the barcode and the uniform national retail price, etc., to enhance consumer confidence and achieve sales.

  • Test method for quality inspection of shipping cartons
    Test method for quality inspection of shipping cartons
    • Mar 16 ,2020

    1) Vibration test After placing the carton packaged goods on a vibration table, it will be subject to horizontal and vertical vibration, or at the same time subject to two-way vibration.After a certain period of time, check the condition of the product or the time elapsed when the carton of the product is damaged. 2) Hexagon drum rotation test Put the carton box in a hexagonal drum with an impact plate, rotate it at the specified number of revolutions, and then check the damage of the goods and the carton. The above dynamic experiments are destructive, and the anti-damage ability of the carton and goods is in the packaging Use cushion pads, partitions, or other protective measures when you sell your products. In addition, some packaging cartons need to be sprayed, weathered, and other experiments, which can be agreed according to the contract between the two parties. 3) Bevel impact test Rotate the carton on the trolley, then slide it off the slope at a certain height, and finally hit the baffle. It is similar to the emergency braking situation during transportation. 4) Drop test The carton after packaging the goods is dropped from the prescribed height according to different attitudes. After a certain number of inspections, the number of times the carton is complete or the carton is damaged when it is damaged.

  • why the paper bag needs film on the surface?
    why the paper bag needs film on the surface?
    • Mar 9 ,2020

    Laminated film refers to the use of transparent plastic film on the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase gloss. Laminating is a main process of post-press processing, which requires the surface to be clean, flat, not fuzzy, wrinkle-free, and non-foaming. After the paper bag is covered with a film, the paper bag can be protected from wear and tear, and the printed pattern can be more bright and not easily damaged, thereby extending the service life of the handbag. At the same time, plastic films can also protect against moisture, water, dirt, abrasion, folding, and chemical corrosion. The effects caused by different lamination processes are also different. If it is a sub-lamination, the color of the paper bag will be darker than the front of the lamination, which is more stable and elegant, and the bright film will look more bright and bright. The lamination process has been widely used in the printing industry. Common lamination packaging products include paper cartons, paper shoping bag, stickers, etc.

  • How to use eye shadow packaging for branding?
    How to use eye shadow packaging for branding?
    • Mar 2 ,2020

    In daily life, we can often see consumers rushing to buy every make-up product launched by a brand they trust. In fact, cultivating a large number of loyal brand ambassadors is not an easy task, which requires a lot of effort, especially for a small cosmetics company. In such a lucrative industry, there are countless competitors who spend millions of dollars on marketing each year. Big company brands have long been engraved in people's minds. To succeed in this industry, cosmetics companies need to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Effective brand promotion through eye shadow packaging is a way to motivate people to buy products. 1.Simple and eye-catching packaging box design People first recall everything they see through colors, shapes, symbols, and text. Simple and eye-catching eyeshadow box design can take advantage of outstanding color combinations for good results. Although the minimalist design is simple, do not ignore the details of the packaging. 2.Use packaging technology to increase luxury effect Using the stereo UV hot stamping process can add a luxurious effect to your makeup paper packaging. Bronzing is visually appealing and can bring stunning visual effects to your products. The touch of your eyeshadow palette packaging can influence consumer decisions. Using embossing and embossing can add a new dimension to your brand logo and graphics. 3. Tell your brand story through the box Your brand story can make your brand unique. Using the box to tell your brand story will establish a good connection between the brand and the consumer.

  • Classification of common color box printing
    Classification of common color box printing
    • Feb 25 ,2020

    1: letterpress box printing The printing method where the printed text is higher than the blank part, and ink is applied around the graphic, and the pressure is used to make the print imprinted on the surface of the printed matter is called letterpress printing. 2: Offset color box printing (offset printing) Now, it is customary to call offset printing as lithographic printing. The graphics and blanks of the printing plate are on the same plane. The principle of oil-water separation allows the graphics and text to be finally transferred to the surface of the printed matter. 3: Gravure box printing Gravure printing and letterpress printing are just the opposite. The graphic part is concave, while the blank part still maintains the original plane. The graphic part receives the ink layer, and the pressure of the printing cylinder is used to transfer the ink layer to the surface of the printed matter to reproduce the printed matter. 4: Filtered box printing Screen printing is typical of filter printing. The ink penetrates through the mesh (text) of the fabric, and is copied into the text on the surface of the substrate. In addition to the above four printing methods, according to the development of the times, we have developed two new printing methods: flexographic printing and special printing. 5: Flexographic box printing (letter printing) The flexographic plate was named aniline printing because of the use of volatile liquid color inks made of aniline dyes. The printing plate used a rubber plate. However, with the development of science and technology, plates and inks have changed greatly, and flexographic printing has become today's flexographic printing. 6: Special color box printing According to different printing materials and processes, special printing can be divided into: gold and silver printing; anodized aluminum stamping; embossing embossing; die-cutting indentation; metal printing; sticker printing; glazing and pasting; three-dimensional printing; hair Bubble printing; inkjet printing; holographic printing and so on.

  • Packaging of Pefume Cosmetics & Design
    Packaging of Pefume Cosmetics & Design
    • Jan 10 ,2020

    Welcome to our booth in Paris on 29  Jan - 30 Jan 2020

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