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  • How to Customize Your Nail Polish Box
    How to Customize Your Nail Polish Box
    • May 11 ,2020

    Nail polish is one of the most attactive products for many girls. So packaging paper boxes can help the manufacturers to protect the products,what is  more,custom printed nail polish packaging boxes can also make more sales.and get more market. There are too many nail polish boxes that are placed  on the shelve.but do you know  the reson if a customer chooses your  products? The most important reson is your  packaging that is unique and outstanding.another feature is that the packaging  should be sturdy so that it can protect the bottle inside. Printing can make your paper cosmetic box more can choose different printing,like  CMYK,PMS or textured techniques to create more effects.And you can use different finishing potions in cluding,lamination,matte lamination,gloss lamination,gloss UV,mattte UV,Embossing or foiling. Good finishing and printing will give  your customers an idea that you can produce a quality products. If you are new in packaging.Please contact with us,we will provide you with stlish custom printed cosmetic boxes based on your demands.

  • The Normal Size of Album Printing
    The Normal Size of Album Printing
    • May 7 ,2020

    We will give you a detailed introduction to some of the regular sizes of the album printing! Let's understand leaflet Usually the size is 210mm × 285mm, 420mm × 285mm, 157g / m3 and 200g / m3 coated paper are commonly used for printing a small number of leaflets. Trifold Standard size: 210mm × 285mm Finished product size: tile 210mm × 285mm, fold 210mm × 95mm The types can be divided into: organ fold, ordinary fold, special fold, door fold, map fold, parallel fold, poster fold, scroll fold, etc. Poster size Standard poster size: 13cm × 18cm, 19cm × 25cm, 42cm × 57cm, 50cm × 70cm, 60cm × 90cm, 70cm × 100cm, 42cm × 57cm, 50cm × 70cm Common poster sizes: 42cm × 57cm, 50cm × 70cm

  • 2020 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna
    2020 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna
    • Apr 27 ,2020

    Welcome to our booth in Italy

  • What should be noticed before surface finishing
    What should be noticed before surface finishing
    • Apr 13 ,2020

    Post-press processing of printed products mainly refers to surface finishing, binding process and other processing methods to improve the pressure resistance, water resistance and sealing or environmental protection performance of printed products. The post-printing process in the industry refers to the surface finishing of the printed matter as the main direction. Generally speaking, the post-printing process (hereinafter referred to as the printing process or process) mainly refers to a series of processing procedures after the substrate has finished printing. Cutting, bumping, embossing, rolling marks, bronzing, laminating, folding, punching, glazing, laminating, die cutting, binding, packaging, etc. Excellent printed matter must add points to the packaged goods carried and add value to the product. It must have the following basic conditions. Creative design, suitable printing carrier, accurate printing color reproduction and detailed post-press processing, printing The post-press process can be regarded as two processing techniques in the process of printing finished products. For example, the conception, selection and creation of calligraphy and painting works are the main processes, but there are still many processes to go through before the market. Exquisite calligraphy and painting works are always It needs to be completed after professional installation. The printing process is also a crucial process like this for printed products. Post-press processing technology is more complicated than the printing process because of the wide variety of equipment, materials and technologies involved, from simple cutting and binding, common uneven embossing or hot stamping gold foil process, to complex shaped die cutting and advanced digital control Optical fiber cutting, etc., the post-printing process has exceeded the scope of the narrow print itself, providing designers and printing technologists engaged in the printing and packaging design industry with a wider and deeper world where free creativity can be exerted. In the planning and design, as well as in the process of post-printing processing, several issues need to be noted: 1. Prepare the printing process samples as a reference standard for design 2. The impact of the choice of printing carrier on the printing process is decisive 3. If possible, compare the various materials needed 4. Formulate detailed processing plans and discuss with printing suppliers 5. The operation rules for special processing must be specified 6. Even if it is a simple process, do not ignore the requirements for details 7. If handwork is involved, making the sample yourself is the best way If you have any questions about the paper packaging ,please feel free to contact with me.

  • Custom Perfume Packaging Box
    Custom Perfume Packaging Box
    • Mar 31 ,2020

    Perfumes normally are important for all including young ,older ,women or men. Everyone like it.the scent of the perfume may catch the potential buyers who can bring perfume to home.Another hands,printed perfume box packaging is also important. If a perfume packed in a bad paper box or bottle,it wouldn't be charming.But if your perfume is packed in a nice and unique packaging box,it can get the attention of the customers. Top&Top printing packing co.,ltd make you obtain the lastest styles and the best models of custom printed perfume packaging.what is more,you can get special savings like paper box promotion or cheap perfume box packaging.

  • Cosmetics Packaging
    Cosmetics Packaging
    • Mar 23 ,2020

    Consumers have different focus points for different products. For example, for beauty products, consumers' physical needs are concerned with products that can solve a certain skin problem, and psychological needs are concerned with visual beauty, so they must be integrated in paper packaging. The "beauty" element creates a beautiful dream for consumers. The same product has different core interests on different occasions. For example, it is also cosmetics. When consumers use it, they are more concerned about the benefits and effectiveness. The packaging must have the characteristics of real prices, while in paper gift boxes, consumers are more concerned about "face ", So the packaging specifications should be atmospheric and the printing must be exquisite Consumers' attention to a product is generally from an unintentional state to an intentional state. If consumers can be noticed in a large number of products and have a good feeling, the opportunity for consumers to buy will be much greater, creating a differentiated Feelings have always been the dream outcome of companies and brands. For example, the skin brightening liquid creates gradient graphic elements on the packaging, and the color uses technical silver to give people a delicate, pure, high-end feel. At the same time, it is unique in cosmetics packaging based on pure base colors, which is easy to be used in A lot of competing products "jumped out". Packaging will leave a deep memory point. This point can be deeply branded in consumers' minds and will not disappear easily. These are powerful means for products to distinguish them from other brands, so that consumers can quickly generate memories and benefit Generate continuous purchases. To allow consumers to dispel doubts and build trust in the product, the product packaging often has a silent effect. One strategy is to let consumers see through, use transparent packaging materials or shoot real objects to let consumers see what is inside the product, rest assured to consume boldly, and another strategy is to indicate on the packaging or authoritative scientific research institutions The quality insurance is undertaken by a certain insurance company, followed by the production date, the expiration date, etc., of course, the barcode and the uniform national retail price, etc., to enhance consumer confidence and achieve sales.

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