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  • What are the types of embossing?
    What are the types of embossing?
    • Nov 20 ,2019

    Concave-convex embossing is one of the most frequently used processes in post-press technology. Combining paper materials can subtly enhance the printing effect and make the printed picture more realistic. In order to achieve the printing effect, the embossing has many forms of presentation in paper packaging Plain bump The plain punch is also called plain convex. According to the English original meaning, "Blind embossing" refers to the punching and convexing process technology similar to Braille printing, that is, the printing convex area does not use any printing ink and hot stamping gold foil material, and only the simple bumping process is used. The surface of the paper or material leaves a pattern that creates a process effect. The plain punching process leaves a delicate, clean and clean pattern on the surface of the paper and material, giving a very unique impression. Yan Ming convex Yu Ming pointed out that after the four-color ink printing or bronzing, the printed matter left a blank area. After the punching process, the design image was fully displayed and perfectly combined with other color area graphics of the printed matter. There are strict requirements on the process technology, and the accuracy of the template size and the registration imprint are the key factors. Different stencil styles.and it can produce single or multi-layer effect changes. Oil painting This is a combination of four-color printing and gold foil stamping such as pearl lacquer, varnish or crayon effect, using the embossed effect embossing stencil, through partial squashing to achieve a three-dimensional effect of simple and elegant oil painting, called oil painting convex, It requires multiple process technologies to complement each other, and the graphics presented are delicate and precise. Multiple convex The stencil of multiple embossing is usually laser engraved copper plate. Under the condition of the thickness, toughness and surface tension of the paper, the multiple embossing can be made into a concave and convex integrated stencil. The surface undulation effect can enhance the artistic effect of the picture, the lowest point and The drop at the highest point can even reach more than 3mm. Heat shock convex Choosing the right material and proper heating is the two elements of the thermal swell. First, outline the lines of the pattern and make a stencil. When the ironing machine is heated to a suitable temperature, the contact surface of the stencil will be slightly burned. Paper, which leaves marks on the surface of the paper and forms the artistic effect of the line pressing four and the middle part slightly convex. Hot stamping As the name suggests, bronzing refers to the use of the same pair of stencils, bronzing and slamming are done once, in the terminology of hot stamping of aluminum. This process is called stereo bronzing. The stamping plate of bronzing is generally made of brass material, which can improve the precision of hot stamping and squeezi...

  • How to Choose The Appropriate Lining Material for Paper Box
    How to Choose The Appropriate Lining Material for Paper Box
    • Nov 11 ,2019

    Customized paper gift box is very important and the most versatile one. When customizing the gift box, the first we must consider is the material selection of the box and the determination of the style , and rarely consider the lining of the box. For the package, how to choose a suitable lining is a very important part, and its choice will directly affect the grade of the entire package. For customers, they don't understand the material and use of these linings is normal, but as a professional packaging customization company, we need to be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various material linings, and recommend to customers when appropriate. . Next, we will give a general introduction to the common gift box lining: cardboard or corrugated lining: most of our common boxes are paper, and the paper lining can achieve the style. Unite. The paperboard and corrugated paper are low in cost, environmentally friendly and easy to process, and are very popular among merchants. At the same time, the paper lining is easy to set, and has good cushioning performance, which can protect and support the whole article during transportation. Paper linings are commonly used in electronic product packaging, wine packaging, and cosmetic paper packaging. EVA Lining: EVA is a polyethylene foamed product with good elasticity, flexibility, stamping resistance and sealing. The EVA lining has a smooth appearance, uniform and fine cells, soft and thick hand, and good cushioning and shockproof performance. The EVA lining can be grooved or flocked on the surface, the groove design can be used to fix and display the goods, and the flocking design can make the lining surface softer and more lustrous. EVA liners are often used in expensive, fragile product packaging. Sponge lining: Sponge lining is suitable for packaging of high-grade products to cushion shock absorption. At the same time, sponge lining is also divided into environmentally friendly sponge lining, antistatic sponge lining and fireproof sponge lining. Among them, the antistatic sponge lining can protect the product from static electricity for electronic products and chips. The sponge is low in cost and easy to process, and is also one of the most popular lining materials for businesses. Plastic lining: I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with the plastic lining, plastic lining is often used for food packaging, such as moon cake gift packaging. Although the plastic lining is not soft or environmentally friendly, it is one of the most used lining materials. The plastic lining has good stability, is resistant to extrusion, is not easily deformed, and is inexpensive to manufacture. When used, it is often paired with silk, which has a very good gloss and can increase the texture of the entire gift box. Different materials have different advantages, how to choose the appropriate lining material, I believe you have a preliminary judgment. In the process of transportation or handling, the lining can r...

  • Customized Boutique High-end Flip Paper Box
    Customized Boutique High-end Flip Paper Box
    • Nov 4 ,2019

    Nowadays, there are two kinds of flip boxes that our paper packaging manufacturers mainly make. One is a single-layer clamshell box, the other is a double-layer clamshell box, and the other is a special-shaped paper box. The price of the three kinds of packaging boxes is also different, and the price of the double-layer clamshell box is the highest, of course, from the grade, it is also the best double-layer clamshell box. But the three box types are suitable for different products, and it is well known that only the right one is the best. The single-layer flip paper packaging box is relatively widely used, and the general products can be used. In the design and the internal support, according to the product characteristics, it can be used for most of the product packaging, so the three flip boxes are the easiest. The cheapest, single-layer clamshell paper box is also the most widely used. The double-layer clamshell box is a very high-grade clamshell box, which is connected by the upper box and the lower box. The upper box can be used for placing products or simply for decoration. In general, the double-layer clamshell box is suitable for higher-end products such as cosmetics and jewellery, and is the higher price among the three clamshell boxes. The last type of flip-shaped packaging box, compared with the previous two, is relatively new and technically sensitive, so it is more suitable for the packaging of electronic products, the price is relatively moderate and affordable, and it is more suitable for electronic products.

  • Paper Gift Packaging Bag
    Paper Gift Packaging Bag
    • Oct 26 ,2019

    The design of the paper shopping bag printing is aimed at the aesthetics and rationality of the hand-held products, and at the same time conveying the information of the products. It is also a display of a corporate image, but also a cultural atmosphere of individuality. The design requirements for the paper packaging bag should be simple, and the weight should be firm and relatively low. The design of the pattern should be novel and simple, embody the concept of freedom and avant-garde, and at the same time play the functions of promotion, communication and display. The paper gift packaging bag with protection and storage function is one of the mediums for visual flow to convey the image of the product. First, the paper bag printing in design The beautifully designed bag will be very popular, even if the printed trademark or advertisement, customers will be happy to reuse, has become one of the most efficient and affordable advertising vehicles. Second, the paper bag printing in terms of printing methods Paper tote printing is usually done in offset printing. Plastic tote bags are generally screen printed. There are many procedures to go through before printing. Need to produce a film, proofing, etc. Third, the handbag printing in the post-press processing technology Paper tote bags usually need to be pasted, punched, and worn. The plastic tote bag printing process is relatively simple. Fourth, the paper bag is printed in terms of material In general, paper handbags are generally of higher grade, quality paper, kraft paper, in order to obtain greater load bearing and better printing results. Fifth. Handbag printing in terms of product form They are all "bag"-like prints. The primary function is to load the items. The secondary function is to print through the surface design, which plays the role of propaganda and notification. In special cases, it also has some other auxiliary functions.

  • How to make kraft paper bag or gift box
    How to make kraft paper bag or gift box
    • Oct 22 ,2019

    Kraft paper is a commonly used paper material. Our gift box manufacturers are often used in flexo, gravure and offset printing processes. In addition to gift boxes, they can also be used as kraft paper shopping bags. First of all, because the kraft paper itself is dark brown, the effect of printing ink is very different from that printed on white cardboard. It is more difficult to print than white cardboard. Therefore, it is better to use bright color ink because of light color. The inks of the system are difficult to achieve the desired reproduction, transparency and abrasion resistance. Secondly, due to the loose and porous structure of kraft paper, the surface smoothness is lower than that of white cardboard. Gift box manufacturers will provide a series of papers with different smoothness, grasp the surface characteristics of the paper to ensure the printing quality, if the smoothness is slightly higher. Substrate, consider a layer of paper, film and metal foil, these materials are very helpful, calendering can also improve the smoothness of kraft paperboard. Finally, the unglazed kraft paper has the characteristics of loose and porous, so the gift box manufacturer is prone to dust during the making of the cardboard. Therefore, when processing, the air extractor should be ready before work to avoid the dust and affect the processed. Effect and quality. If you need a custom kraft paper bag and kraft paper gift box , please feel free to contact with us.

  • What are the factors that affect the quality of book printing?
    What are the factors that affect the quality of book printing?
    • Oct 18 ,2019

    First of all, the uneven thickness of the ink layer will result in poor quality of the book printing. There are usually two ways to increase the thickness of the ink layer. One is to reduce the amount of the liquid in the case where the total amount of the ink is constant; the other is to increase the amount of the ink in the case where the amount of the liquid is constant. The principle of the two methods is the same, and which one can be used, as long as the thickness can be adjusted uniformly. Secondly, it has something to do with the water roller. This is a very important part of the press, which is in direct contact with the plate and provides dampening solution. If it is too much pressure or too small in contact with the plate, it will make the plate surface appear. Therefore printing companies must control the pressure. Finally, it has something to do with the blanket. There are two kinds of blankets, one is a plain blanket and the other is an air cushion blanket. When it comes into contact with the printing plate, it can transfer the dampening plate to the surface of the blanket because of its certain adsorption characteristics. When the surface is insufficient, it needs to be replenished in time, but the amount of replenishment is a key. Too much or too little is affecting the effect of book printing. Of course, in addition to the above three factors, there are many factors that affect the quality of the print, such as the size of the printed graphics. Therefore, it is required that the book printing manufacturers grasp these factors when printing, so that the quality of the printed matter is better. As a consumer, they must also choose a good book printing manufacturer.

  • Seven Crafts for Paper Gift Box
    Seven Crafts for Paper Gift Box
    • Oct 14 ,2019

    Every exquisite gift box is presented to the people, and there is a lot of fine processing behind it. Then let's spread it to everyone today and make seven crafts for packaging gift boxes. All the exquisite gift boxes are realized under these seven crafts. First, the design; Gift packaging patterns are designed according to the customer's design requirements or freely combined with local culture and product features. Second, proofing; Make a sample paper gift box according to the materials and design manuscripts requested by the customer to see if it is appropriate. The details of the problem are adjusted according to the actual situation. Third, choose cardboard The general gift box cardboard is cardboard or cardboard for wine packaging and gift wrapping cartons. Most of the cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm is attached to the outer decorative surface by hand. Fourth, printing through the mold or printing and other processes; Print the above picture on the gift box, the product box reminds that this part is very demanding on the process. Fifth, surface treatment; The wrapping paper of the gift box usually needs to be surface treated. The common ones are light glue, matte glue, UV, varnish, and dumb oil. Six, beer; Beer is a relatively important part of the printing process. If you want to be a beer, you must make a knife. If the beer is not allowed, the beer will be biased, and the beer will affect the subsequent processing. Seven, Mount. The usual prints are first-handed beer, but the gift box is the first beer, the first is the fear of getting the paper, the second is the gift box, the overall beauty, the gift box paper must be handmade, in order to reach some aesthetic level. Gift boxes that want to be beautiful must first be conceived, planned, produced, designed, crafted, material selected, and so on. The process greatly determines whether the gift box is beautiful.

  • What should be paid attention to for color box customization
    What should be paid attention to for color box customization
    • Oct 12 ,2019

    In order to be able to increase the sales of their own products, many companies are able to let their own companies gain a certain popularity, in order to allow a brand to penetrate into the hearts of consumers. It is now a lot of energy to design the paper packaging box. Now it has also stimulated the development of the cosmetic packaging box and color paper box industry. In the process of color box printing, what details need to be paid attention to? 1. Design style conforms to product type In the process of printing different products, we must master the overall design style. For each design detail, we need to meet the product type so that Top&Top color box printing can stimulate the sales of our products. Analysis can be done in combination with a variety of styles to finalize the design and printing solution. 2. Material selection For different materials, it will directly affect the effect of the whole  packaging box, because each material will suit different design schemes, and also allow a company's products to be outsourced with different qualities, so everyone is in the process of selecting materials. Among them, not only should you look at the material in a single way, but which type it belongs to, you also need to see if this type is suitable for your own product, and whether it can be integrated in the whole packaging design. 3. Size and others However, there will be some small details, the overall printing size and resolution of the packaging box, etc., which will directly affect the image of the gift packaging box, must ensure that the color is very positive, the overall size The size design is very good, and the quality problem is of course also guaranteed. In short, every detail of the whole process is to be the most detailed, in order to make a box more perfect.

  • Normal Structures of Paper Box
    Normal Structures of Paper Box
    • Oct 8 ,2019

    The color box packaging can be divided into three types according to the basic shape: a foldable carton called a folding paper box; a non-foldable carton; a paper processed, compounded, and glued to form a liquid container, generally called a soft wrapping paper box. In the meantime, folding cartons are most used in product packaging. 1, Liuhe cover and rocking type carton. They are tangentially pressed on the surface of the box according to different graphics. They can open the lid and see the product. They can also see the decoration graphic, text and trademark of the box. Its strength is easy to open and easy to take out. Products and easy to display and promote products. 2. Open window tray. The window-opening carton has three ways of opening the window, clearing the lid and multi-faceted. Generally used in combination with Tongming plastic sheet, the window opening part shows the product, which is convenient for customers to purchase. 3. Portable paper box. Some products have a large packaging capacity. To facilitate the customer's carrying, add a handle to the carton, and the handle is planned to be folded as much as possible, which is convenient for transportation and does not occupy too much area. 4. Shaped paper box. Shaped paper trays are mainly triangular, pentagon, diamond, hexagonal, octagonal, trapezoidal, cylindrical, semi-circular, book-like and other shapes. The structure of the carton is a combination of an arc, a straight cut and a face replacement, and the resulting package shape. The advantages of the shaped carton are novel and beautiful. 5. Special structural paper box. It is to open a gap in a certain part of the carton, or add an accessory to pour out powdery, granular, blocky or liquid products. The carton structure can be diversified, and it is convenient for customers to use, and can be specially planned according to the different uses of the product. The special shape is mainly expressed by the special-shaped structure, which requires the planning of functional structures (such as handles, hand holes or vents, adhesive crepe of automatic folding carton, etc.), and characteristic structures (such as chamfering, hollowing, feet, etc.) Special structures such as the appearance structure (such as non-column, non-planar structure) must be completed, so that they are satisfied. The packaging style is complex, the shape is beautiful, the structure is wonderful, the way is varied, and it can attract the eyeball effect of the customer.

  • What is the difference between the gloss lamination and varnish?
    What is the difference between the gloss lamination and varnish?
    • Sep 30 ,2019

    The paper color box and the varnish of the color box prevent the ink from fading and protect the ink. Glue and matt are thin films that protect the ink and increase the paper pull. Such as color box glue can increase the load and waterproof. The light glue is the surface that looks very bright, and the matte glue is matte. The varnish is a surface oily substance. The varnish looks bright and the dumb oil is not reflective. The difference between the light-sensitive adhesive and the varnish is that the light-sensitive adhesive is coated with a light film or a matte film (PP film BOPP film or PET film) on the surface of the printed matter, and the varnish is coated with a transparent layer on the printed matter. The oil layer, its gloss: light glue about 85 degrees, matte glue about 25 degrees, varnish 50 degrees or more, dumb oil about 20 degrees. Shenzhen top&top printing packing co.,ltd has more than 10 years of experience in packaging color box,printing book, specializing in cosmetic paper box, high-end gift box,candle paper box,round paper box....

  • Simple and Stylish Cosmetic Packaging Box Design
    Simple and Stylish Cosmetic Packaging Box Design
    • Sep 29 ,2019

    The color of the cosmetic packaging box should not be too exaggerated, and the simple color matching can make people feel comfortable. Therefore, the multi-media packaging friendship reminder in Top&Top should be as harmonious as possible in the color processing of the custom-made simple and fashionable cosmetic packaging box to avoid color registration. The lack of color blocks appears, using the material characteristics to reflect the beauty of the goods. Of course, the material of the cosmetic packaging box should also be environmentally friendly, easy to recycle and reuse, and can be decomposed in the natural environment. This is a sustainable packaging material, and the side view can also reflect the natural simplicity of cosmetics. The simple and fashionable cosmetic packaging box can also be more convenient, and the portable design enables the consumer to use even on the road, which can improve the use efficiency of the packaging box and reduce the burden on the consumer. The simple style of recycled cosmetic packaging box can be more close to people's hearts. In order to gain the trust of consumers, many brand owners create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, adding handwriting and graffiti on the cosmetic packaging box to reveal more products. Realism, so close to life, and handwriting and graffiti can also reflect the sense of simplicity, but also attract more young consumers' attention.

  • How to make high quality hot stamping
    How to make high quality hot stamping
    • Sep 24 ,2019

    1, the basic process of hot stamping The main material for hot stamping is anodized aluminum, so hot stamping is also called electro-aluminum hot stamping. Hot stamping is the transfer of the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum onto the surface of the substrate by the principle of hot pressing. The basic process is as follows: First, in the state where the pressure is pressed, that is, the anodized aluminum is pressed by the hot stamping plate and the substrate, the anodized aluminum is heated to melt the hot-melt silicone resin layer and the adhesive, and is melted by heat at this time. The viscosity of the silicone resin becomes small, and the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive is increased after being melted by heat, so that the aluminum layer and the electrochemical aluminum-based film are peeled off and transferred to the substrate. As the pressure is removed, the adhesive cools and solidifies rapidly, and the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate to complete a hot stamping process. The process of bronzing includes: hot stamping preparation, plate loading, padding, adjustment of hot stamping process parameters, trial hot, proofing, formal hot stamping. As can be seen from the basic process of bronzing, the three basic elements of bronzing are: temperature, pressure and hot stamping time. In order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, the process parameters such as hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure and hot stamping speed must be reasonably mastered. In addition, the quality of the raw materials related to bronzing must also be guaranteed, for example: the hot stamping suitability of the substrate. , the performance of electrochemical aluminum materials and the quality of hot stamping plates, etc. If something goes wrong in a certain link, it will affect the final hot stamping effect. 2, The ways to improve the quality of hot stamping 1) Choose the right substrate 2) Choose the appropriate type of anodized aluminum according to the substrate 3) Make a hot stamping version 4) Control the hot stamping temperature

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