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  • How do I make custom packaging?
    How do I make custom packaging?
    • Jan 13 ,2021

    When you want to custom your packaging ,do you know how to custom packaging? The steps as below: 1. Communicate product positioning and reference examples or expected style; 2. Determine the price according to the quantity and sign the contract;  3. Design the design by the designer;  4. Proof on the computer;  5. Communicate and determine the prototype;  6. Print on the computer in batches;  7 . Logistics distribution according to the address;  8. Settlement. So if you have a professional packaging manufacturer to help you,you can save many time and cost.Top&Top Printing Packaging can offer the professional solutions for your unique packaging.

  • Our Fairs
    Our Fairs
    • Nov 26 ,2020

    Top&Top Packaging offers professional solutions to customers.Welcome all of the customers to our fairs.

  • How to Choose Right Corrugated Paper for Your Creative Shipping Box?
    How to Choose Right Corrugated Paper for Your Creative Shipping Box?
    • Nov 12 ,2020

    The corrugated box is a branch of the carton box, named after the unfolded shape resembles a box. Nowadays, some online shopping e-commerce companies also use corrugated box packaging as their shipping mailer box, which can save effort without using adhesive tape. Pay attention to the following aspects when choosing a customized shipping box: 1. Select the number of layers The commonly used material of carton boxes is corrugated paper, generally 3 and 5 layers are common. Clothes, small accessories, etc. use 3 layers of corrugated paper; factory parts, electronic products, etc. use 5 layers of thickness. 2. Personalized customization Merchants can customize according to the characteristics of the product. For example, users who make flower headwear can choose to make a window-opening paper box, which can intuitively display the characteristics of the product, attract the attention of customers, and protect the transportation safety of the product. Therefore, the paper box not only allows customers to experience convenience, but also enables customers to develop their creativity.What is more ,the shipping box can protect the products  when shipping.

  • The More Quantity,More Cheaper Price
    The More Quantity,More Cheaper Price
    • Sep 3 ,2020

    Customers who are new to printing needs have a question in their minds, why the more the number of printing, the cheaper the price? Today, Top&Top printing give you an answer to this question. In fact, the printing needs, in the whole process, many costs are fixed and unchanging, printing one and printing 10,000 are the same. For example: modeling of packaging boxes, the modeling cost is as high as 5,000 yuan, but only 10 pcs are printed. Under the cost of the factory, even if the factory does not make a penny, the quotation for each box will be as high as 500+yuan. And if you print 1,000 pcs,the extra cost of each box will only increase by 5 yuan. In this way, with artificial materials and so on, the price per paper box may be only about 10 yuan. Therefore, the specific price is calculated according to the cost of the demand. The main factors affecting the price are: the number of printing, materials, and craftsmanship. If you need know more about Customized Paper Packaging,please learn more

  • Good Products need Good Packaging
    Good Products need Good Packaging
    • Aug 11 ,2020

    There is no doubt that the packaging of a good digital product cannot be perfunctory. Good packaging, in addition to protecting the product from damage, it can also beautify the product, improve the product grade, and make consumers resonate visually and psychologically!    It is undeniable that product quality is important, and product paper packaging should not be sloppy. People's consumption concept directly affects consumers' evaluation of their products. Good packaging can give consumers a good first impression, which also determines his behavior. .       Of course a good product must match a good paper packaging box! The packaging boxes produced by the product packaging box manufacturers, according to the needs of customers and consumers, produce and design gift packaging boxes with energizing souls to meet the needs of consumers. More importantly, it is necessary to truly recognize the needs of consumers. To design and plan according to the needs of humanity, produce packaging products that meet the needs of human nature, arouse and satisfy the desires of customers, regard customers as the starting point and center of the entire market activity, and compete for the first opportunity in the market!

  • Custom Premium facial mask gift box
    Custom Premium facial mask gift box
    • Jul 27 ,2020

    In recent years, the cosmetics market has become more and more mature and has been developing steadily. As the main force in the development of cosmetics, facial masks have been sought after by many female consumers. There are many facial mask products on the market. In addition to the types and effects, the packaging boxes of the facial masks are also changing. Therefore, the famous gift box packaging is an integral part of the product. As a commodity, facial mask has two attributes: use value and value. However, commodities in modern society generally require the participation of packaging to enhance the potential value of commodities. Facial mask is a product that combines with exquisite packaging box to have market competitiveness. If a product produced by a facial mask manufacturer enters the market without packaging, according to the results of previous market surveys, the sales of this product will not be very good. So: good product marketing plan = good product + exquisite packaging. When the facial mask product flows from the production site to the consumer field, there are not only loading and unloading, transportation, storage and other links. The exquisite facial mask packaging gift box can not only serve as countless salespersons, but also protect the facial mask product from external conditions. The mask gift box should be reliable, applicable, beautiful and economical!

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