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  • Do you want beautiful products packaging for your cosmetics?
    • March 24,2020.

    Here,Top&Top can mamke it happen.but before design packaging, please collect the information you need to include on your paper packaging. 1.pick your brand logo design such as color,fonts,picture ...

  • How to choose corrugated box for your products
    • March 17,2020.

    Packing corrugated cardboard boxes, the biggest difference on corrugation is their thickness. A tile is thicker, B tile is thinner than A tile, E tile is the thinnest, but E is the most commonly used....

  • Technical requirements for paper box printing packaging
    • March 12,2020.

    1.Adapt to the needs of various circulation conditions To ensure the safety of goods in the circulation process, the product paper packaging should have a certain strength, solid, firm and durable. Fo...

  • Why is paper packaging box so important?
    • February 24,2020.

    There are various product packaging boxes on the market. In fact, consumers can understand from the surface of paper packaging box that the product is a good packaging box! The packaging box is an imp...

  • Common printing paper for packaging
    • January 13,2020.

    Packaging and printing cartons are widely used, and the comprehensive use of printing technology and paper is formed in the overall creative concept of color paper boxes and color boxes. Excellent pri...

  • Color matching is very important
    • January 8,2020.

    Various color modes for color box printing are also interrelated, and there are three modes in total. The first is the RGB mode, the second CMYK mode is composed of green, green and blue light, and th...

  • The Advantages of Paper Packaging Box
    • December 31,2019.

    Today, custom packaging box manufacturers will come to introduce in detail the specific advantages of paper packaging boxes. 1. Excellent protection performance, convenient processing and storage Comp...

  • Where to buy brown shipping box
    • December 23,2019.

    Shenzhen Top & Top is leading manufacturer in China which specialized in printing packaging for more than 10 years. We hope you can join us in the future. Our main products include brown shipping ...

  • What are the characteristics of UV ink printing
    • December 18,2019.

    UV is the abbreviation of "Ultraviolet Rays" in English, which translates to "ultraviolet light" in Chinese. The so-called UV ink refers to the ink that undergoes cross-linking polymerization reaction...

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