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  • The Advantages of corrugated box
    • July 31,2019.

    Corrugated boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and are the most widely used paper container packaging for transport packaging. Corrugated boxes are widely used because of their many unique advant...

  • The difference between PANTONE color and four colors
    • August 15,2019.

    In printing factory,there are four color printing and pantone color printing. but do you know the defference between them? If you know that,it will be very useful for your printing packaging. Four col...

  • Factors affecting printing quality
    • August 19,2019.

    In the process of commercial transactions, it is especially important to make appropriate quality evaluation of printed matter. The complexity of color printing process is well known. The production o...

  • Product Packaging Strategy of Top&Top
    • August 28,2019.

    What is the product packaging strategy? The product packaging strategy is the target market, packaging method and grade of the product before the product is launched or the original product is improve...

  • Analysis of the cause of the leaking board when the gift box is customized
    • October 21,2019.

    Nowadays, gift box packaging boxes are available in a variety of box types, such as lid and base boxes, folding paper gift  boxes, drawer paper boxes, etc. Some customers need inner boxes to desi...

  • what is the need to pay attention to the customization of corrugated box?
    • October 31,2019.

    There is a feature of the corrugated paper box, which is that it can be easily packed without the use of tape. In fact, this is mainly because of the special structure of the corrugated box. The outer...

  • The Materials for Paper Packaging Box
    • November 13,2019.

    With the release of the national “plastic limit order”, the role of paper packaging products in people's lives is becoming more and more important. Now more and more corporate brands are using paper b...

  • The Advantages of Paper Packaging Box
    • December 31,2019.

    Today, custom packaging box manufacturers will come to introduce in detail the specific advantages of paper packaging boxes. 1. Excellent protection performance, convenient processing and storage Comp...

  • Common printing paper for packaging
    • January 13,2020.

    Packaging and printing cartons are widely used, and the comprehensive use of printing technology and paper is formed in the overall creative concept of color paper boxes and color boxes. Excellent pri...

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