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  • The Advantages of Paper Packaging Box
    • December 31,2019.

    Today, custom packaging box manufacturers will come to introduce in detail the specific advantages of paper packaging boxes. 1. Excellent protection performance, convenient processing and storage Comp...

  • Where to buy brown shipping box
    • December 23,2019.

    Shenzhen Top & Top is leading manufacturer in China which specialized in printing packaging for more than 10 years. We hope you can join us in the future. Our main products include brown shipping ...

  • What are the characteristics of UV ink printing
    • December 18,2019.

    UV is the abbreviation of "Ultraviolet Rays" in English, which translates to "ultraviolet light" in Chinese. The so-called UV ink refers to the ink that undergoes cross-linking polymerization reaction...

  • Types of embossing craft
    • December 14,2019.

    Concavo-convex embossing is one of the most frequently used processes in post-press processing technology. Combining paper materials can cleverly improve the printing effect and make the printed pictu...

  • What are the types of bronzing printing processes
    • December 2,2019.

    Hot stamping Hot stamping refers to the transfer of hot stamping foil to the printing material by heating and pressing through a special metal hot stamping plate. Hot stamping requires higher-priced e...

  • How to Choose Varnish for Paper Printing Packaging?
    • November 25,2019.

    Glazing refers to the application or printing of a layer of colorless and transparent ink or raw material on the surface of the printed matter (commonly known as “glazing oil”). After drying or even c...

  • Corrugated Shipping Box
    • November 18,2019.

    Corrugated boxes are the most widely used paper container packaging and are widely used in shipping packaging. Corrugated shipping box are widely used because of their many unique advantages. Wide ran...

  • The Materials for Paper Packaging Box
    • November 13,2019.

    With the release of the national “plastic limit order”, the role of paper packaging products in people's lives is becoming more and more important. Now more and more corporate brands are using paper b...

  • Paper Gift Box for Men's Apparel Shirt
    • November 8,2019.

    How can we customize the exclusive brand of men's apparel shirt paper gift box? In fact, the real high-end items do not need too many fancy things, but the simpler the more taste and connotation. Blac...

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