How to use eye shadow packaging for branding?

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How to use eye shadow packaging for branding?

  • Mar 2, 2020

In daily life, we can often see consumers rushing to buy every make-up product launched by a brand they trust. In fact, cultivating a large number of loyal brand ambassadors is not an easy task, which requires a lot of effort, especially for a small cosmetics company. In such a lucrative industry, there are countless competitors who spend millions of dollars on marketing each year. Big company brands have long been engraved in people's minds. To succeed in this industry, cosmetics companies need to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Effective brand promotion through eye shadow packaging is a way to motivate people to buy products.

1.Simple and eye-catching packaging box design
People first recall everything they see through colors, shapes, symbols, and text. Simple and eye-catching eyeshadow box design can take advantage of outstanding color combinations for good results. Although the minimalist design is simple, do not ignore the details of the packaging.

2.Use packaging technology to increase luxury effect
Using the stereo UV hot stamping process can add a luxurious effect to your makeup paper packaging. Bronzing is visually appealing and can bring stunning visual effects to your products.
The touch of your eyeshadow palette packaging can influence consumer decisions. Using embossing and embossing can add a new dimension to your brand logo and graphics.

3. Tell your brand story through the box
Your brand story can make your brand unique. Using the box to tell your brand story will establish a good connection between the brand and the consumer.

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