Classification of common color box printing


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Classification of common color box printing

  • Feb 25, 2020
1: letterpress box printing
The printing method where the printed text is higher than the blank part, and ink is applied around the graphic, and the pressure is used to make the print imprinted on the surface of the printed matter is called letterpress printing.

2: Offset color box printing (offset printing)

Now, it is customary to call offset printing as lithographic printing. The graphics and blanks of the printing plate are on the same plane. The principle of oil-water separation allows the graphics and text to be finally transferred to the surface of the printed matter.

3: Gravure box printing
Gravure printing and letterpress printing are just the opposite. The graphic part is concave, while the blank part still maintains the original plane. The graphic part receives the ink layer, and the pressure of the printing cylinder is used to transfer the ink layer to the surface of the printed matter to reproduce the printed matter.

4: Filtered box printing
Screen printing is typical of filter printing. The ink penetrates through the mesh (text) of the fabric, and is copied into the text on the surface of the substrate.

In addition to the above four printing methods, according to the development of the times, we have developed two new printing methods: flexographic printing and special printing.

5: Flexographic box printing (letter printing)
The flexographic plate was named aniline printing because of the use of volatile liquid color inks made of aniline dyes. The printing plate used a rubber plate. However, with the development of science and technology, plates and inks have changed greatly, and flexographic printing has become today's flexographic printing.

6: Special color box printing
According to different printing materials and processes, special printing can be divided into: gold and silver printing; anodized aluminum stamping; embossing embossing; die-cutting indentation; metal printing; sticker printing; glazing and pasting; three-dimensional printing; hair Bubble printing; inkjet printing; holographic printing and so on.

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