What to pay attention to spot color printing gold ink?


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What to pay attention to spot color printing gold ink?

  • Dec 25, 2019
Because the main raw material of spot color printing gold ink is brass powder, it is a chemically active metal, which is prone to discoloration after exposure to air. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following situations when printing gold ink:
1. If gold ink comes into contact with acids, alkalis, carbon and sulfides, it will produce different degrees of chemical changes, reduce the gloss of the metal, the gold ink will look black, and the gold ink should be avoided for printing on large areas. The paper produced by the acid papermaking process is acidic. After printing, the gold ink not only changes color, but also loses gloss.

2. The use of gold ink should master the principle of printing with adjustment, that is, the amount of one preparation should be suitable for continuous printing for about 3 hours, so as not to adjust too much to make the gold powder in the oil for a long time, or contact with the air for a long time to oxidize Spoils and loses its golden luster.

3. The speed of gold ink printing should not be too fast, because the frictional heat of the ink roller will increase correspondingly due to the fast speed of the machine, which will easily make the gold ink oxidize and blacken. Therefore, the speed of printing gold should be controlled at about 3,000 sheets / hour.

4. The semi-finished products of printing gold ink should not be stacked too much, otherwise the heat released by the gold ink during the drying process on the paper surface cannot be dissipated as soon as possible, and the gold ink will be oxidized and discolored.

5. If gold ink is printed on the background color, care should be taken to properly add dry oil to the background color to avoid overprinting the gold ink when the background ink is not dry, which will affect the gloss color of the gold ink.

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