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What do Printing fee contain

  • Jul 13, 2020
1. Design fee: There are single-piece calculation method and multi-piece calculation method for calculating design time. The paper box generally uses the single-piece calculation method.
2. The pre-press cost includes image scanning, imposition, film production, proofing, etc.: scanning is based on the size of the image information (mega), and the imposition is charged according to the size of the format (off, four, etc.); proofing is based on the size and color number toll. Customers bringing their own CDs or films, etc., shall deduct the cost of the corresponding items.

3. Material cost: As far as printed products are concerned, material cost accounts for a large proportion of the entire printing cost, so precisely controlling the amount of material used is the best way to control printing costs. The material cost in the printing process mainly refers to the printing fee, printing material fee, and anodized aluminum fee, etc., and the material fee is the product of the amount of material used and the unit price. Therefore, the calculation formula of the amount of material must be mastered in the collection of the material fee.

Different printing plates have different pricing methods. PS plates are priced in sheets. Hot plates, flexible plates, etc. are priced by area.

4. Printing fee (ie printing processing fee): different types and grades of printing equipment, different printing plants or printing processes have different printing fee standards, and color printing is generally priced according to the color order. When the printing volume is small, it is calculated according to the start-up fee (ie the starting price).

5. Post-press processing fee: There are many post-press processing techniques, but the calculation method is mainly calculated by the number of processed pieces or processing area; glazing, laminating, hot stamping, etc. are calculated by processing area.

6. Other expenses: such as packing fee, transportation fee, expedited fee, etc. This part of the fee is generally determined by the two parties through negotiation and has greater flexibility.

7. Taxes: Taxes payable in accordance with relevant national tax laws.

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