How to make high quality hot stamping

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How to make high quality hot stamping

  • Sep 24, 2019
1, the basic process of hot stamping

The main material for hot stamping is anodized aluminum, so hot stamping is also called electro-aluminum hot stamping. Hot stamping is the transfer of the aluminum layer in the anodized aluminum onto the surface of the substrate by the principle of hot pressing. The basic process is as follows: First, in the state where the pressure is pressed, that is, the anodized aluminum is pressed by the hot stamping plate and the substrate, the anodized aluminum is heated to melt the hot-melt silicone resin layer and the adhesive, and is melted by heat at this time. The viscosity of the silicone resin becomes small, and the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive is increased after being melted by heat, so that the aluminum layer and the electrochemical aluminum-based film are peeled off and transferred to the substrate. As the pressure is removed, the adhesive cools and solidifies rapidly, and the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate to complete a hot stamping process.

The process of bronzing includes: hot stamping preparation, plate loading, padding, adjustment of hot stamping process parameters, trial hot, proofing, formal hot stamping.
As can be seen from the basic process of bronzing, the three basic elements of bronzing are: temperature, pressure and hot stamping time. In order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, the process parameters such as hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure and hot stamping speed must be reasonably mastered. In addition, the quality of the raw materials related to bronzing must also be guaranteed, for example: the hot stamping suitability of the substrate. , the performance of electrochemical aluminum materials and the quality of hot stamping plates, etc. If something goes wrong in a certain link, it will affect the final hot stamping effect.

2, The ways to improve the quality of hot stamping
1) Choose the right substrate
2) Choose the appropriate type of anodized aluminum according to the substrate
3) Make a hot stamping version
4) Control the hot stamping temperature

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