What should be paid attention to for color box customization


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What should be paid attention to for color box customization

  • Oct 12, 2019
In order to be able to increase the sales of their own products, many companies are able to let their own companies gain a certain popularity, in order to allow a brand to penetrate into the hearts of consumers. It is now a lot of energy to design the paper packaging box. Now it has also stimulated the development of the cosmetic packaging box and color paper box industry. In the process of color box printing, what details need to be paid attention to?

1. Design style conforms to product type

In the process of printing different products, we must master the overall design style. For each design detail, we need to meet the product type so that Top&Top color box printing can stimulate the sales of our products. Analysis can be done in combination with a variety of styles to finalize the design and printing solution.

2. Material selection
For different materials, it will directly affect the effect of the whole  packaging box, because each material will suit different design schemes, and also allow a company's products to be outsourced with different qualities, so everyone is in the process of selecting materials. Among them, not only should you look at the material in a single way, but which type it belongs to, you also need to see if this type is suitable for your own product, and whether it can be integrated in the whole packaging design.

3. Size and others

However, there will be some small details, the overall printing size and resolution of the packaging box, etc., which will directly affect the image of the gift packaging box, must ensure that the color is very positive, the overall size The size design is very good, and the quality problem is of course also guaranteed. In short, every detail of the whole process is to be the most detailed, in order to make a box more perfect.

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