What should be noticed before surface finishing

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What should be noticed before surface finishing

  • Apr 13, 2020
Post-press processing of printed products mainly refers to surface finishing, binding process and other processing methods to improve the pressure resistance, water resistance and sealing or environmental protection performance of printed products. The post-printing process in the industry refers to the surface finishing of the printed matter as the main direction. Generally speaking, the post-printing process (hereinafter referred to as the printing process or process) mainly refers to a series of processing procedures after the substrate has finished printing. Cutting, bumping, embossing, rolling marks, bronzing, laminating, folding, punching, glazing, laminating, die cutting, binding, packaging, etc.

Excellent printed matter must add points to the packaged goods carried and add value to the product. It must have the following basic conditions. Creative design, suitable printing carrier, accurate printing color reproduction and detailed post-press processing, printing The post-press process can be regarded as two processing techniques in the process of printing finished products. For example, the conception, selection and creation of calligraphy and painting works are the main processes, but there are still many processes to go through before the market. Exquisite calligraphy and painting works are always It needs to be completed after professional installation. The printing process is also a crucial process like this for printed products.

Post-press processing technology is more complicated than the printing process because of the wide variety of equipment, materials and technologies involved, from simple cutting and binding, common uneven embossing or hot stamping gold foil process, to complex shaped die cutting and advanced digital control Optical fiber cutting, etc., the post-printing process has exceeded the scope of the narrow print itself, providing designers and printing technologists engaged in the printing and packaging design industry with a wider and deeper world where free creativity can be exerted.

In the planning and design, as well as in the process of post-printing processing, several issues need to be noted:

1. Prepare the printing process samples as a reference standard for design

2. The impact of the choice of printing carrier on the printing process is decisive

3. If possible, compare the various materials needed

4. Formulate detailed processing plans and discuss with printing suppliers

5. The operation rules for special processing must be specified

6. Even if it is a simple process, do not ignore the requirements for details

7. If handwork is involved, making the sample yourself is the best way

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