What are the types of embossing?

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What are the types of embossing?

  • Nov 20, 2019
Concave-convex embossing is one of the most frequently used processes in post-press technology. Combining paper materials can subtly enhance the printing effect and make the printed picture more realistic. In order to achieve the printing effect, the embossing has many forms of presentation in paper packaging

Plain bump

The plain punch is also called plain convex. According to the English original meaning, "Blind embossing" refers to the punching and convexing process technology similar to Braille printing, that is, the printing convex area does not use any printing ink and hot stamping gold foil material, and only the simple bumping process is used. The surface of the paper or material leaves a pattern that creates a process effect. The plain punching process leaves a delicate, clean and clean pattern on the surface of the paper and material, giving a very unique impression.

Yan Ming convex

Yu Ming pointed out that after the four-color ink printing or bronzing, the printed matter left a blank area. After the punching process, the design image was fully displayed and perfectly combined with other color area graphics of the printed matter. There are strict requirements on the process technology, and the accuracy of the template size and the registration imprint are the key factors. Different stencil styles.and it can produce single or multi-layer effect changes.

Oil painting

This is a combination of four-color printing and gold foil stamping such as pearl lacquer, varnish or crayon effect, using the embossed effect embossing stencil, through partial squashing to achieve a three-dimensional effect of simple and elegant oil painting, called oil painting convex, It requires multiple process technologies to complement each other, and the graphics presented are delicate and precise.

Multiple convex

The stencil of multiple embossing is usually laser engraved copper plate. Under the condition of the thickness, toughness and surface tension of the paper, the multiple embossing can be made into a concave and convex integrated stencil. The surface undulation effect can enhance the artistic effect of the picture, the lowest point and The drop at the highest point can even reach more than 3mm.

Heat shock convex

Choosing the right material and proper heating is the two elements of the thermal swell. First, outline the lines of the pattern and make a stencil. When the ironing machine is heated to a suitable temperature, the contact surface of the stencil will be slightly burned. Paper, which leaves marks on the surface of the paper and forms the artistic effect of the line pressing four and the middle part slightly convex.

Hot stamping

As the name suggests, bronzing refers to the use of the same pair of stencils, bronzing and slamming are done once, in the terminology of hot stamping of aluminum. This process is called stereo bronzing. The stamping plate of bronzing is generally made of brass material, which can improve the precision of hot stamping and squeezing. In addition, the printing material must meet the physical requirements of hot stamping and squeezing.

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