The Normal Size of Album Printing

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The Normal Size of Album Printing

  • May 7, 2020
We will give you a detailed introduction to some of the regular sizes of the album printing! Let's understand


Usually the size is 210mm × 285mm, 420mm × 285mm, 157g / m3 and 200g / m3 coated paper are commonly used for printing a small number of leaflets.


Standard size: 210mm × 285mm

Finished product size: tile 210mm × 285mm, fold 210mm × 95mm

The types can be divided into: organ fold, ordinary fold, special fold, door fold, map fold, parallel fold, poster fold, scroll fold, etc.

Poster size

Standard poster size: 13cm × 18cm, 19cm × 25cm, 42cm × 57cm, 50cm × 70cm, 60cm × 90cm, 70cm × 100cm, 42cm × 57cm, 50cm × 70cm

Common poster sizes: 42cm × 57cm, 50cm × 70cm

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