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Packaging materials for color paper box

  • Aug 15, 2019
What are the common packaging materials?
Generally, the color paper box involves two types of materials: facial tissue and corrugated paper .
Usually, the color box paper is commonly used (Taiwan name): gray copper, white copper, single copper, ornate card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, and so on.
There are two kinds of "whiteboard ": 1, white copper, 2, single copper.
What they have in common is that both sides are white.
The difference is "white copper": one side is smooth and not smooth, that is, one side has a coated side and one side has no coated side. The popular point is that the front side can be printed, and the reverse side can't be printed.
"Single copper": Both sides have coated surfaces, both positive and negative can be printed.
The gray bottom gray board has this kind of paper, but it is not used on the color box, the gray bottom white board, which is called "grey copper paper", that is, the front is white, can be printed, the reverse side is gray, and can not be printed.

Generally, white cards are also "whiteboard " papers, except for the short list of general quotations, except for special white cards, such as platinum cards and silver cards.

So when you make box,please think about your materials for the paper box .Here,Top&Top can help you and then save your cost.

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