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How to make eco friendly gift box

  • Aug 23, 2019
Nowadays, people's awareness of environmental protection is also constantly improving. "Green"; "Environmental protection" is getting more and more attention, and this not only saves resources, but also protects the environment. Now shenzhen top&top Printing packing co.,ltd is a gift packaging box manufacturer in the design of the production of gift boxes that has the five major environmental elements.

1. Design thrift. Under the premise of protection, carrying and convenient transportation, the gift box design is designed to minimize the excessive use of gift box materials to avoid and reduce waste.

2. Digestion and regeneration. Through the use of renewable products, incineration using thermal energy, package waste can be degraded and corrupted, which ultimately does not form permanent waste, composting to improve soil and other measures to achieve recycling purposes.

3. Material circulation. The design material of the gift box material should be used for repeated use and secondary use. After the function is completed, the gift box can be reused after proper treatment or even without treatment.

4. Environmental protection. The gift box should not be harmful to the human body and the environment from raw material collection, material processing, product manufacturing, product use, waste recycling and recycling until the final treatment.

5, harmless. The gift box material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body or other organisms. The material should not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals which are toxic, or the content of these harmful substances should be controlled below the relevant minimum standards.

In short, today's green environmental protection is increasingly valued, the rational and effective use of gift box production is more important! Shenzhen top&top printing packing co.,ltd, specializes in the development of high-end boutique folding box manufacturer. Professional packaging gift box customization, folding gift box, heaven and earth cover gift box, book-type gift box, drawer gift box, pit paper color box, color box, single product packaging, etc.; good at clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, health products, tea Wait for the gift box to be customized.

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