How to guarantee the quality of folding gift box


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How to guarantee the quality of folding gift box

  • Aug 31, 2019
As a boutique folding box manufacturer, product quality has always been at the forefront, ensuring product quality is not only responsible for customers, but also responsible for the boutique folding box manufacturers' own brand. So how do boutique folding box manufacturers guarantee the quality of folding boxes? Let's watch them together.

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the carton products, the boutique folding gift box manufacturers will set up quality inspection agencies and quality inspection personnel according to local conditions. There are generally four types of process inspections, the first inspection, the inspection of the articles, and the inspection of the finished products. The first inspection is a preventive inspection in the manufacturing process of the carton products. It is applicable to a large number of types, and the second inspection of the articles should be carried out by the operators themselves. Inspection and approval by the full-time inspector; the third inspection is the inspection of the product quality of the relevant process at the production site at the production site; the completion inspection is to check a batch of processed products, mainly Refers to the product between the various processes; the finished product inspection is the last inspection before the corrugated carton product reaches the user's hand. The quality defects of the carton are classified, divided into heavy defects and light defects, and detailed inspection items are written. After the actual inspection, the quality is recorded. Defective items and audit results. The quality defects should be analyzed in time, the carton quality audit report form should be filled out as much as possible, and the audit results should be reported to the competent leaders and relevant departments, and transmitted and archived as quality information and materials in a timely manner.

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At the same time, creating a good production order and environment is also important to ensure product quality. Keeping the cleanliness of the production site is also an indispensable condition for ensuring the quality of the folding box. For example, the stacking and transportation of the work area, appliances, products, the working environment of the workers, the cleanliness of the site and other factors have an important impact on the production of the folding box. The operation steps and the site environment should be stipulated. The folding box production site can be implemented with points and points for effective control.

In addition, the boutique folding box manufacturers will also develop folding basket production site management standards, regular inspection and assessment, site, machinery, equipment, raw materials, work in progress, workstations, equipment positioning. Effective measures can be taken to reduce the damage caused by bumps, pollution and rough handling during folding container handling. For the semi-finished products and the in-process labeling, especially the products on the cardboard line, there is no printing. If the label is not listed, it will easily cause confusion and error when the same variety and specifications are similar.

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