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Packaging color design skills and composition skills grasp

2016-07-11 16:32:05

A, color skill grasp

Color skills should be from the following note: one is the colour and the packages coordinate relations; The second is the contrast of color and color their relationship. This 2 o 'clock is the key to use of color.

(a), colour and packing materials to refresh himself

Then, as the color and the packages coordinate relationship where about? Mainly through the external packing colors can reveal or shine upon the inner packaging items. Make the person a look at the outer packing can basically perception or person association to inner packing for what they are. For this problem, the author has repeatedly in the past article mentioned, but if we can into stores to greet the goods on a look, a lot of goods and fail to reflect the care of relationship. Make consumers not to think of its packaging items for what they are. Of course, also to product sales to take a positive promotion effect. Normal external packing color should be different degree to grasp so the same characteristics,

(1) from the industry progress, and food normal coloring the mass-tone attune light yellow, pink to describe this gives a person with warm and close feeling. Of course, the tea, green for many, drinks, with green and blue not less, alcohol, pastry with large red many, children's food with rose many, daily cosmetics class normal coloring the mass-tone attune in rose, FenBaiSe, light green, light blue, deep coffee color which is to highlight the warm and elegant temperament and interest, clothing shoes and hats class in dark green, deep blue, brown or gray which is to highlight composed heavy aesthetic feeling of elegance.

From the performance characteristics, sheet is food is concerned, cookies class multi-purpose aureate, yellow, pale yellow give a person with fragrance of sweltering impression; Tea, beer beverage such as multi-purpose red or green class, symbolizing the tea rich and aromatic fragrant. Tomato juice, apple juice multi-purpose red, concentrated shows that the natural attribute of the item. Although some packaging from the main tonal on looks not like the above said that commodity attribute with similar color, but look carefully if the packing design is by virtuoso's, so, in its outer packing in the picture must have the point clear the symbol of the pen color piece and color point, color line or in the color outstanding concentration content. This should be you are proud of. Some suit loading packing and some cosmetic packing, even some wine packaging can find many such examples.

(2) the color and color contrast relationship

Besides, color and color contrast relationship. This is a lot of commodity packaging in the competition, easily the top performance, but very not easy to grasp the things. In the design from the masters, the packaging effect is high culture, on the other hand, it is the popular literature or art. In the Chinese calligraphy and painting often popular so a words, that stuffy, drain can horse race. In fact say is a contrast relationship. Performance in the packaging design, the contrast relationship is very obvious, and not often see. The so-called these contrast, generally has the following contrast: that is the use of color depth contrast, the weight of the use of colour contrast, color use point facing ratio, the use of color contrast, the possibility of the use of color, the color of refined than the use of contrast and so on.

(1) the use of color depth contrast. This in the present the coloring of the packaging design to appear on the most frequency, the use of the widest range. In many graphic design (refers to the poster, hanging painting class or situation binding class) very often seen. The so-called depth contrast, should refers to the design on coloring depth of two kinds of color and skillfully appeared in a picture, and produce class is the perspective of coordination effect. Usually use as a large area of the light color, and in its use dark composition, such as pale yellow the, with brown to composition, or brown color piece in use yellow or white pattern lines, Also if use virescent the; Dark green composition; Pink bottom spread; Big red composition; Grayish the; Soap black composition and so on. These are the use of color depth contrast, with this kind of form in the packaging design we can in some cosmetic packing or some western wine packing, particularly in Western Europe on the most common wine packaging. China's ZhangYu wine and shuanghui way sausage and bush's meat packing is mostly in the form of performance. This kind of packing form in Japan and South Korea Taiwan also common. It is shown by the visual effect is lively, simple and gentle, simple but elegant.

(2) the weight of the use of colour contrast (or called depth contrast) this in the packaging color apply on, also is an important one of the representation of the technique. This weight contrast, often is to use light of simple but elegant impression foil a setting heavy deep theme design, or in the dignified deep theme pattern (in color piece pattern as heavy). Show light of simple but elegant packaging theme and name, as well as the trademark or AD, etc. In turn, useful also large areas of condensing heavy dark pigment the. The use of light simple but elegant is tonal or focus point a color piece or overall decoration some grain case. In this weight contrast, the general pigment have harmonious color contrast and color of changes in temperature contrast, coordinate color contrast methods often is pea green to dark green, Pale yellow to deep coffee; Pink to red, etc., and the contrast of color of changes in temperature is black and white, red and blue, etc.

(3) color use point facing ratio (or size contrast) the contrast, mainly in a packaging image design process, the use of pigment from a central focal point of or to the whole picture contrast, namely small range and scope of the contrast between the big picture. In daily life, especially washing cosmetic products, we can see a product packing box, the whole area of clean anything, intermediate very concentrated appear so a very obvious heavy color of the small square (or elliptic or small circular) and then from this small square picture reflected on the content of the packing materials with the theme of the brand names, it is point and the combination, it is big with small contrast, occasionally there from point to and gradually transition contrast.

(4) the use of color and simplified contrast. We can see united 100 instant noodles, their bags, lower half is every sundry instant noodles physical design, and in it the top of the picture is the whole dry clean clean big green bright red color, and then very boldly outstanding "100", "see" packing the world magazine 66 issue of the cover (also called book bag

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