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The basic process of printing

2016-07-11 16:31:42

    How long is the printing duration of the order?How to prepare for pre-printing?
    How to prepare for the prepress production documents used for printing?
    The difference of Film, proofing samples, printing and computer screen’s color.
    What’s the formation of printing’s quotation?
    Printing paper
How long is the printing duration of the order?

   Your delivery time depends on the requirements of the printing orders. Our production cycle is generally in 3-8 working days, usually in 4 working days. Finishing more, such as laminating, binding wall paper, die cutting, hot stamping. Generally more than four days, our long-term customers to enjoy the free expedited fee service for rush order.


How to prepare for pre-printing?

   The Shenzhen printing market has been developed. For the exact division of the various types of processes, you can easily find the professional pre-press company which can provide you with speed and excellent service, they can also provide you with a full range of film and proofing, we recommend that you provide the above-mentioned film and proofing for printing company. This will ensure your delivery time, maximize savings and reduce intermediate links and expenses.


How to prepare for the prepress production documents used for printing?

If you don’t have time to the prepress production companies to complete the making of the film and proofing, then please you can go to potential century, we will assist you to complete the pre-press work.
   It will help you save valuable time if your file notes the following all aspects:

   1 Make sure all necessary documents in the document, make sure that the image file must be included in the document, although sometimes the image display existing, in fact lack the map or the lower resolution, so make sure the necessary image files and to provide most accuracy in the document. (The picture resolution be of not less than 300 pixels / inch)

   2 Do not forget to copy the necessary fonts and the necessary stylistic. Although some fonts display, only copy the fonts do the film output. The only guaranteed and importable font can not waste your own time.

   3 Do not forget to change the color of the link pictures from RGB to CMYK, or the output film will display color confusion.
   4 When Pantone spot colors converted to CMYK color, please confirm that you will achieve the same effect. In general, it will have some differences, part of the Pantone spot colors converted to CMYK, according to the output of experience, it will achieve the same effect, but to those certainly Process Pantone Color, CMYK can not reach, the only way is to increase the spot.
   5Photo double scan and single output can improve the quality of picture  scaning.

   6If typesetting files got bleeding 3mm, this simple question often comfuses some experience computer expert; Whether the typesetting software's color  is as the color values ​​sets? So please do a final check.

   7 Proofing corresponding with the film is the most reference to printing factory. If you do not have proof for various reasons, you must provide at least one print (color best, if no, black and white is also ok), we must use the above either to check film.  


The difference of film, proofing samples, printing and computer screen’s color.

   The film and its corresponding proofing is the best to reduce errors, cost and time savings. The film corresponds proofing is the closest to the printing product. The computer screen shows the printed product is brighter than the actual printed product, so it can’t be as the reference and based for printing proofing.

   This is because the color of the formation is different between display and color printing paper. Display applications red, green, and blue primary colors principle emit light to form an image, the principle of the formation of this color is called the RGB, which is widely used in television and computer monitors.

Color Printing use red, yellow, blue, black, four-color ink printed on paper products up to form a color image, this principle is known as CMYK, it is widely used in the four-color offset printing technology.

   Another important reason cause the computer to show a significant difference in print is display’s color standard. If your computer monitor is unable to correct for color, then the computer displays the effect will be a greater difference of the one has correct color. It is necessary to ask a professional and technical personnel to adjust the display,.

   Different printed materials also make printing effect rendering differences. Generally: coated paper printing effect is much brighter than micarta paper printing.

Above all the preparatory work can help us to reduce all kinds of problems that may arise. Accelerate the delivery process and avoid increasing the cost.

Nevertheless, if you are lack of above job or do not quite understand the recommended requirements , please do not worry about it. We will make every possible way to cooperate with you in a variety of conditions. Just please provide all the documents that you can as much as possible; we will consult you then to confirm the satisfactory completion of the work if we have found any question.

 What’s the formation of printing’s quotation?

   Color printing is the most accurate description of the means of human behavior and the product services. They can leave deep indelible, first impression and feelings on mankind, Its accurate representation can affect human emotions and decision-making, especially the satisfaction of purchasing decisions and customer service. Color prints usually act as an important part of the product promotion and is linked to the key process of  business success with assistant.

   When customers make product promotion and sales budget, they will be eager to know how much the cost of printing. as long as you fill our quotation completely, our servant staff will reply quotes for you.

   If you are the first time to contact the work of the the printed inquiry and printing factory, you may feel unable to start, then reading our workflow, you can quickly fill out our quotation. The printing process can be divided into three parts: pre-printing, printing, back printing.

   The printing cost accounting can be divided into three parts above, the three-in-one formed the print price.



Completing film and proofing process is based each P, generally less than A4 or larger than A4 (that is A3, so be sure to measure out the exact size, in order to be used to calculate price)A4 is the usual valuation standards. The film is the necessities of the machine, printing proofing is the basic file to check the color on leading machine.



Printing is a key link of printing products, the calculating standard is color order. If it exists spot colors, such as corporate LOGO spot colors or printed on gold or silver, make sure to specify that it will be increased from 4 color to 5 color 6 color.


Back printing

Back printing is usually the work after the completion of the printed products. Must specify: saddle stitch or glue nail, fold (number of the fold?); If back printing products need to laminate or UV, die cutting, hot stamping, and the convex area also write clearly. Packaging, packaged quantity if need, please specify.

The more specific and accurate the aboved process is, the more timely and accurate the quotation. The best way is to face-to-face communication with our customer service staff directly. Your visit or call, we will provide you with a better advisory service.


6.Printing paper

The paper die cutting number schedule

Die cutting number

Full die cutting 889*1194mm  787*1092mm

Fold die cutting 590*880      780*540

Four die cutting 590*440      390*540

Eight die cutting 420*290      390*270

Sixteen die cutting 210*285     185*260

Thirty two die cutting 210*140     185*130

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