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Brand packaging font design common sense

2016-07-11 16:31:27

Font design basic knowledge

Text, is the human thoughts and feelings the inevitable result of the communication. With the advance of the human civilization, which is made up of simple and complex, and gradually formed a scientific perfect and standardization of the program. It has not only the human thoughts and feelings of the abstract meaning and voice and audio rhythm, but also has complete structure, composition specification, and nearly endless variety of distinct image. Especially pictographs, more abstract and concrete closely, the text itself, also is a kind of complete art design.

Today, the human society has entered the era of industry and commerce by leaps and bounds, the product competition, life of beautification, already and human's daily life. As conduction thoughts and feelings of the media -- a text beautification, with the advance of the human civilization and grown to be people study important issue.

Glyph to correct

Different characters or Latin letters of composing, stroke are legal, as long as there is half past one row discrepancy, become ghost word, light is word righteousness is different, weight is not the word, and there is no one to know, it is completely out of the role of the text itself. Therefore glyph to do the exact correct, both neither can any increase strokes of a Chinese character, also can't arbitrary to reduce or change.

Style to unify the

No matter Latin letters or characters, fonts strokes of a Chinese character must be unified. Such as writing Chinese characters, unfavorable three pen LiTi, two pen imitation song dynasty style typeface, writing Latin letters unfavorable also broadcast kaplan ace, lower case, flower kaplan ace mixed group of a word, block and handwriting also cannot in a word of mixed use.

Font expression in order to adapt to the spirit of the text

Each kind of font, has its own expression. Such as blackbody has marked serious feeling, LaoSong, regular script have dignified upright and outspoken of expression; Imitation song dynasty style typeface, semi-cursive script have comeliness free interest; And seal script is showily of of primitive simplicity style and as Latin letters flowers kaplan ace is equivalent to the left of a Chinese characters, with showily the feeling of of primitive simplicity, Block is equivalent to LaoSong regular script, a dignified clear feeling.

The script was equivalent to imitation song dynasty style typeface, transportation, grass, have relaxed and lively posture. So choose a font for design artistic calligraphy of fundamental key, should according to the spirit of the text and decide. Such ability in agreement, and displays the text that the biggest function of appeal. As for change form, can not stick to one pattern, notions of every stroke of the length, lean, right and wrong, "the authors are free standards, as long as the words according to the inherent structure change on the line, even further by perspective method, the stereographic projection, hollow change by law, strengthen its adornment meaning righteousness, the beautification.

Calligraphy of the performance of the text and design

To understand the design of Chinese characters, the first reply various script system understanding, such ability fusion through, flexible application. Chinese style, usually said "is grass of authors" arms and legs, but due to the special tools, each generation ShuGu petition forum for book gold, appear many different change font, become a variety of special art form.

Chinese font from pure painting evolution for line symbol is concerned, can be roughly divided into the following six body:


In ancient times the hieroglyphics, including shang dynasty inscriptions on oracle bones and three generations of jinwen two.

Seal script

Is the western zhou dynasty later minor and the warlords seal two body. Seal characters, has the ancient pictographic GuPiaoGan, its graphic abstract interest in modern seal cutting art is often on the. In the application of modern art, especially domestic design regard seal characters used in New Year card, invitation card, badges, such as pattern design.

Clerical script

From the qin, take minor seal and the brushwork, try to cut finishing and become. Clerical script before the qin dynasty not only change font curve to linear, variable as point, round for the party, and gradually from form into ideogram, clerical script characteristic is: one, every word has a place (horizontal stroke and right do) with wave potential adornment pen. Second, the horizontal stroke to starboard put pen to paper writing. In advertising design, every company. Line number or show full name design (synthetic text) commonly used clerical script, can show the traditional sense of authority.

Cursive hand

Organized system JianSheng font. Since the han dynasty and at the beginning of its evolution process is to have "zhang cao and then have" JinCao "to have again" the unconstrained cursive script ". General cursive hand on modelling touch the public to understand, and lack of practical and legibility, does not apply to general character design with. But thank you for etc need to express kind impression, because cursive script has individual character, namely trust, kind, elegant, such as characteristics of use wisely also can yet be regarded as good material.

Regular script

Say again "regular script", rub up clerical script and cursive script and become a kind of style, now has a general books mail the most popular standard word. Now the printing type "is grass" is the traditional "are style", it handwriting powerful, word row clear, legibility highest.

Semi-cursive script

Regular script is the variant. Chinese characters, since tang dynasty, namely less change; And running script is considered the most popular font, have been used to now, in practical art still keep high position. Running script easy general good writing, practical range. In society at present in addition to printing and important words have to regular script word outside, daily documents usually use semi-cursive script writing.

Modern Chinese characters design, basic all is according to the above six and block of LaoSong, imitation song dynasty style typeface, blackbody and style, carries on the evolution process of it, the key point is to grasp every word of the basic strokes of a Chinese character and regularity of organization change change, consider stroke the gap between equilibrium make a design trademark; Advertising, title, or pack pack play, both appropriate and beautiful and easy. Design iconicity and ornamental artistic calligraphy, changes to the natural moderate, avoid by all means is too exaggeration. Because a cent of exaggeration, can appear affectation, its effect will be toward the opposite.

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