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The development trend of the packing industry

2016-07-11 16:27:25

Beer enterprise: color film heat shrinkable packaging the promotion product class, promote sales. Box products mostly adopted heat shrinkable packaging form. Its use reason mainly has two points:

1. Make the packaging, the diversification of forms and helpful to the sales;

2. Heat shrinkable packaging, is suitable for various specifications of flexibility, especially small specification products cluster packaging. Small size cluster beer packing has better flexibility, and more easy to carry, so is increasingly get the favour of consumer. Along with the market for small size cluster beer packing demand increases, sealing surface shrinkable packaging machine will have greater room for development.

Japan enterprise: cluster packaging best choice. Case: hangzhou always create machinery co., LTD. Customer luoyang di leia cosmetics co., LTD person in charge said: "thermal shrinkage cost advantages are incomparable! And from cosmetic industry enterprises in choosing suitable packing method for accurate product market positioning and sales are expected to stage speaking, some high-end products may choose carton as outer packing, but some cheap product need not use carton packaging!"

Pharmaceutical enterprise: thermal shrinkage replace box can save nearly ten million yuan. Some pharmaceutical packaging said, because now the pharmaceutical industry foreign packaging requirements relative is not high, so the enterprise use heat shrinkable packaging more is hope by reducing the cost of packing materials to reduce the total cost. Such as a enterprise had six new packing speed of 10 / minutes of PE heat shrinkable packaging machine, the enterprise hope heat shrinkable packaging device speed faster, to 50 / minutes level, in order to achieve rapid production, improve efficiency, reduce the use of equipment sets, reduce equipment occupancy plant area, and finally achieve the purpose of reduce the cost. Drinks enterprise: comparable carton packing to reduce 30% of the costs - case: according to the Beijing some packaging co., LTD. Relevant controller introduces, heat shrinkable packaging machine is a prospect is very good packaging form, at present abroad have heat shrinkable packaging completely replace the carton or half tray carton this kind of case, but as a result of the current domestic market logistics environment also can't with the international market mature than logistics management, therefore, thermal shrinkage technology development in the domestic market to international level there are some obstacles, estimated in the future 3 to 5 years, along with the heat shrinkable packaging technology development and heat shrinkable film bearing ability rise ceaselessly, in a certain specifications of packaging, cuff heat shrinkable packaging machine can completely replace carton or thermal shrinkage half tray box.

On the market at present the most abundant heat shrinking machine products, best quality, when is the hangzhou always create machinery co., LTD., hangzhou always create production of heat sealing and cutting shrinkable packaging machine. This series of hot, shrinkage epoxy resin shrinkable packaging machine to POF, PP, PVC shrink film for materials, set sealing and shrinkage as one, just a personal work can complete sealing and shrinkage homework, and reduce the power consumption, widely used in drinks, gifts, hardware, cosmetic products, toys, plastic, bamboo product outer packing.

No matter what aspects reflect, better is to know the constant are packed in transparent wine box the above application reflected, find can follow the road of development.

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